Process for Kitchens

Getting Started

I've switched to "by Appointment" for all meetings but will gladly discuss your kitchen project first by phone.

To start give a call to tell me about your : Wants, desires, look, and budget.  I'll tell you a little about how I work. If it appears to be a good fit then we arrange a...

Visit to your home (within 3-7 working days) to measure and take photos (2 hours). When there I'll make appointments then for the next two design meetings.

First design meeting: will be at my studio 7-10 days after measure. At that meeting I'll present several layout options along with a good ball park price for cabinetry. You will have an opportunity to look over cabinet construction, storage solutions and style options. We will discuss how this all fits into your anticipated budget and if changes need to be made to meet it.

Second design meeting-  (5-9 after the first) This can be either at my studio or at your home. I'll have made adjustments to the layouts based on our first talk. This is the meeting where you will get pricing for cabinets based on the preferred layout and the style choices you made along with a good overall budget for the total project. The pricing for cabinet at this point I consider something that  “you should not go over” but it is NOT final pricing.

There is no cost or commitment up to this point.

Project Commitment.  For me to continue after the second meeting I require a commitment from you the potential client. You now should have a good idea of: how I work, what you are buying, and what it will cost. If you wish to investigate other sources feel free to continue to shop around. If you decide to work with someone else that's fine but it's really nice if you can let me know that once you have a decided. Extra points if you tell me the "why" of it.

If you are satisfied with what I offer then your commitment is in the form of a retainer. The retainer is: 10% of the cabinetry estimate (a minimum of $1000 for kitchens).

The retainer is non-refundable. It is not a design fee nor is it added to the cost of your project.  100% of the retainer will be applied to the final cost of cabinetry when you become a client and purchase. There are no additional design fees, they are part of the cabinet price.

Once You Are a Client

Once you have given a retainer your a full fledged client. A project collaboration web site is set up where you can access images, plans. It's also what I use for all communication. You can access it from any device and replay to messages directly from your email. You will also be able to take printed copies of layouts.

I schedule ALL design work and meetings ahead of time. You always know when the next revision will be ready, NO waiting for phone calls.

Plenty of visuals are used to help you to see how spaces and organization relate.  You can still make changes (everyone does) and see multiple variations to your project. That work is mostly done between meetings so you don’t have to sit and watch us work. The software I use is very powerful allowing me to do small, quick live in 3D at meetings which can be helpful.

Most meetings are at your home from then on unless you prefer to come here. Meetings are available 6 days a week. Evening meetings are available Tues-Thurs. Live on line meetings are also available at no extra cost if that suits you better. I allow 2 hours for an appointment.

As your project gets refined more photo realistic renderings can be made. This proves to be invaluable for some clients- we can even put actual photos of your countertop selection into the renderings.

Communication will be prompt- Phone calls and emails are returned the same day if possible (never more than 24 hours) If additional work needs to be done to address questions or requests we will schedule that and inform you of the dead line we have set.

I care about the entire project, even the parts I am not providing and will assist you in selecting all of the product related to your project.

Every effort is made to keep your total kitchen project withing budget. On my end itemized pricing is always available and a copy of the original estimate is kept for reference.

To see that all goes well  every effort is made to co-operate with all allied professionals and trades. Input from your architect, interior designer and tradespeople are welcomed. I will gladly begin work on projects while they are still on the drawing board and provide other trades with any needed documentation.

I am always there for delivery, layout, and periodically during installation, then follow up once installation is done.


I do not offer "in house" installation.


Outside contractors - There are a group of contractors whose work I've found satisfactory (or excellent) over the years and refer clients to them. They will bill you directly. I have no financial interest in that part of the project. Naturally I will be happy to work with installers that you find on your own if you prefer.

DIY- Doing it yourself? or part of it yourself? Let me know. I have a soft spot for DIY-ers so every effort is made during design to make sure that you understand what you are getting into and guide you along the way. A s a bonus someone will be there to help with the layout as you get started.

Coordinating - There are a lot of parts to a remodel. Everything goes smoother, everyone is happier when you have everything you need to get the job done in a timely fashion as designed, whatever it takes. Your project is coordinated just as if it were an in-house installation. There are no fees associated with this service. Look at it as a great discount.

Every kitchen project is treated as with all the importance it requires, after all it's your home.

"Mark, thank you for all you done to build our dream kitchen. Your guidance and experience were invaluable. Thank you for the many hours you spent with me disussing our needs and lifestyle. The cabinets are magnificent! Thank you again for giving us a beautiful and functional kitchen. It’s absolutely Perfect!"

-- June,Jerry and family
-- Project Date: July 2014