The suppliers we work with have proven records of superior customer service and exacting quality control.

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Mountaineer is a small company from West Virginia. Formerly sold as private label cabinets they are now offering them under their own name. A step up in price and quality.  Priced  to compete against upper end of “semi-custom” cabinets they are more like a full custom line. Aside from standard modifications they will build a cabinet to a drawing.

Wood Species- there are 13 standard species (including Walnut) but they will do any species that is available.  The variation of door-style enormous: you can pick the edge, the framing bead, and the panel raise. Besides traditional, full overlay and inset the offer lipped doors and special frame profiles.

Standard construction: doweled frames, 1/2” plywood sides, Birch veneer interiors, are used for framed cabinets. Full overlay, insets, lipped and traditional overlay. Frameless cabinets are doweled cabinet grade plywood with a veneer interior.


Qualtiy Custom Cabinetry Inc- (QCCI for Short) is a full custom maker.  Unlimited selection, style, and finishes. QCCI does some of the best specialty finishes in the industry.  Construction, detail, finish are impeccable. They are a joy to work with.

 Standard construction: 

  • Vision series frameless cabinets are 3/4” doweled plywood.
  • The classic series is a 1” thick mortise and tenon face framed cabinet with , 1/2” plywood sides, and maple veneer interiors.  Inset cabinets feature a mortise hinge and a 1/8” reveal.  Numerous edge frame profiles are available. Of course the offer full  and traditional overlay as well as lipped.  

All QCCI cabinets are KCMA and ESP certified. All use NAUF sheet goods.


"We were in the process of building a new home when I met Mark. Our architect had designed our kitchen in a traditional style. Then Mark came along and did a sketch that was so different, it blew my mind. Mark's kitchen is a lot more spacious and airy, plus it provides better traffic flow.”