Kitchen Client Comments


We were in the process of building a new home when I met Mark. Our architect had designed our kitchen in a traditional style. Then Mark came along and did a sketch that was so different, it blew my mind. Mark's kitchen is a lot more spacious and airy, plus it provides better traffic flow.” 


We are so happy with our new kitchen. It was a big project. A wall came down and floors had to be fixed. The attention that Mark gave to our project was fantastic. To be realistic, something will always go wrong, but with Mark, we never had to worry–because things were going to be taken care of. We were never on our own–he guided us through the project every step of the way.
Judy and Phil B., New Paltz

I came to meet Mark after seeing a ad in the local paper. At our first meeting in our home it became apparent that Mark not only was competent, but he had tremendous insight as it would relate to the design, development, detail and functionability of our kitchen. We combined our kitchen and dining room which presented challenges. Having a construction background I considered designing it myself. Well, when all was said and done, I realized that no way would I have the result we got, had I tackled it myself. One area in particular stands out–the beverage area w/glass doors, bump outs, bump ins, reveals, crown moldings, led lighting ect. Wow. Everybody who sees our kitchen (especially our beverage section) is blown away.
Mark Defabio?

2851Mark James’ work established the effective use of our kitchen. His approach included photographing all the items we used in the kitchen, along with the appliances and their locations. He then "interviewed us about how often we used certain items, and in what capacity they were used. There were multiple interviews covering many details on everything from a decision to buy 10,000$ + gas or electric range, down to a $5 sink drain basket. He suggested where to put money and where not to waste it. He went to multiple locations with us to pick out counter tops and view new appliances. To us, he was brilliant—Mark knew us better than we did!

Our kitchen was a $250,000+ renovation of a previously twice-expanded kitchen. The third time was a charm! We had the right man. So, much so, we had him return to do my home office cabinets and to use the space most efficiently. This job was less than 5,000$ and we received the same level of competence and detail.

Charles A -- New Paltz

"I refer to Mark as our kitchen therapist.  Not kidding. At the beginning, he talked with us for hours asking really smart questions about how we use our kitchen. How we cook, entertain and store our food, utensils and equipment. A very satisfying experience and I learned a lot about myself!"

-- Pat Lichtenberg

Mark designed our kitchen, which is in a seaside environment. He aided in countertop and flooring selection and did and outstanding job overall of designing our dream kitchen.”

junipercape/May 2015 

"Mark, thank you for all you done to build our dream kitchen. Your guidance and experience were invaluable. Thank you for the many hours you spent with me disussing our needs and lifestyle. The cabinets are magnificent! Thank you again for giving us a beautiful and functional kitchen. It’s absolutely Perfect!"

-- June,Jerry and family
-- Project Date: July 2014