Services for Professionals (only)

Think of me as your virtual assistant or perhaps an extra pencil.

I provide initial layouts up for you to work with through and/or final drawings.  The entire process and all drawings are tailored to your specifications. You decide what you need and when; together we’ll work out a schedule to get it done.

I work with a limited number of clients in ongoing relationships only. I don't do one offs or work for the public.

Work Flow 

  •     A mutually agreed to set of parameter for deliverables and a time table will be worked out at the start of every project. That can be updated as needed with room for changes built into the system.
  •     If you are regional meetings can be in person at your location, mine, or on site.
  •     Field measures are available within a 4 hour radius of the Hudson Valley.
  •     Phone calls and email will always receive rapid response from me.
  •     I use Zoom.use for on line screen sharing & video conferencing, and DropBox Paper for collaboration. If you have your own services we can use those.
  •     Project specific technical support is available if you work in Chief Architect.