About Us

mark160227-2Mark James & Company is backed by Mark McAniff's forty years of design and fabrication.

An early interest in furniture design led Mark to enroll in Parsons School of Design. While at Parsons, he studied design and architecture, and worked as a model maker for designers. In that capacity, he produced special effects for television advertising and exhibits. For the next few decades he worked providing consultation, custom fabrications, prototypes, and designs to allied professionals, Fortune 500 companies, designers, architects, and television studios.

Beginning in 1999, Mark’s career focused totally on kitchen design. He then worked as a cabinet maker, and with that insight into the “fabric” of kitchens, resumed designing. First working for a hi-end WoodMode dealer and after the crash started MarkJames and Company in 2010. Requests for drafting for others over the years eventually led to the start of the "virtual assistant service" in 2017. The kitchen dealership/showroom was closed in March of 2018.

This varied experience, combined with Mark's attention to detail, thorough knowledge of materials, and unhurried exploration of your intentions and personal style, add up to a unique and focused approach to your projects.

Business Principles

Treat you and your project with respect.

Make the design and building process convenient, informative, and enjoyable.

Provide value, without sacrificing quality or service.



Areas Served

The majority of work is done long distance using Zoom, DropBox Paper, email, and other cloud services of your choice and plain old phone communication.

Field measure services are available within a 4 hour radius of the Hudson Valley.